Federal and State New Employee Forms

Looking to grow your Virginia business or help it run more efficiently by taking on a new hire? That means data collection and forms. To make it easy for you, we put together this list of the forms that you will need to fill out when making a new hire in Virginia.

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I-9 Form

Both employees and employers must fill out this form. This is the Employment Eligibility Verification form which verifies the employment authorization of new hires. Use this form for both U.S. citizens and noncitizens.

Alongside this form you will need to obtain documents from your new hire that prove their identity and their eligibility to work. Your job is to determine if these reasonably appear to be genuine and record the document information on your form.

W-4 Form

By filling out a W-4, the employee will indicate what exceptions and adjustments are meant to be made to their taxes. This will tell you exactly how much to withhold when running payroll or having your payroll service provider, like G.E. Payroll, run your payroll.

Self-Identification of Disability Form CC-305

This form is only required if your company does business with the government. It is meant to help keep a record of how well you are providing equal opportunity to qualified candidates with disabilities.

This form is to be refilled out every 5 years, since people can become disabled at any point in their lives. As an employer you are then required to provide reasonable accommodation.

Virginia New Hire Reporting Form

All public and private Virginia businesses must report all new hires, rehires, and those returning to work to the Commonwealth of Virginia. This must be completed within 20 days of the hire or rehire date.

Form VA-4

This is the Employee’s Virginia Income Tax Exemption Certificate. This functions the same as the W-4 form, but works for Virginia taxes as opposed to federal taxes.

Direct Deposit Authentication Form

If you offer Direct Deposit to your employees, you will need to get them an authentication form. There is no boilerplate form for this, but if you visit this page from eForms, you will find a lot of great templates. Just set your state as Virginia and choose the bank, credit union, or accounting software that you use.

Employee Personal Data Form

This is a form that you have to create because you have to decide what information you need.

Some common pieces of information to look for include:

  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Emergency Contact Information

Keep in mind that you have to avoid asking for any information that can be used to discriminate. This means you cannot ask for info regarding the new hire’s race, religion, sexuality, among others. For a more complete list, take a look at this article from Business News Daily.

Manual Processing vs Automatic HR Software

Obviously, there are a lot of forms and information to manage. What you need are software and services tools that eliminate the slow, inefficient manual processing of old and helps your company run smoothly with automatic processing and full management of employee information.

With G.E. Payroll, you not only get access to this great software built to help your business run effectively, but you also get hands-on services from professionals who understand what it takes to properly manage new employees. Request your demo today!

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