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Our time and attendance software is extensive and will help you save time while managing your employees. We make it seamless and simple to manage all your employees scheduling, time-off requests, shift coverage and much, much more.

Our software solutions include:

  • Scheduling solutions
  • Business data services
  • Manager dashboard and automatic reports

We offer a wide range of services to make our Human Resources efficient and beneficial.

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Time & Attendance Solutions You Need

We understand that time and attendance is composed of a lot of different services and needs. Our software is designed to improve your business’s productivity, making managing your employees easier than ever.

Our software gives your employees freedom to choose how they clock in and out. Whether they are swiping their card the traditional way or using a tablet to clock in, all employee information is stored in our cloud-based software, making the use of it seamless and simple.


Our time and attendance software offers complete solutions for all your scheduling needs. You can manage employee schedules instantly from anywhere, giving you flexibility and power over scheduling management.

Our scheduling system allows for schedules to be created, modified and sent out in real-time, giving both you and your employees ease of communication and management. Our software makes ensures coverage of shifts, so you no longer have to worry about juggling everyone’s schedules.

Other Services

G.E. Payroll Services’ software is exhaustive and covers all your needs.

In addition to the services above, we offer:

  •         Professional dashboard and reports, offering you immediate insight to help you make better informed decisions
  •         Manager approval dashboard, so you can provide managers and employees access to everything they need
  •         Employee in/out dashboard, so you can see where your employees are throughout the day
  •         Job costing, so you can track hours or pay hours to clients
  •         GPS timekeeping, so you can see exactly where employees clock in and out
  •         Mobile apps, offering you and your employees flexibility to manage schedules on the move

… and many, many more features.

For more information, or to schedule a free demonstration of our software, contact us today via our online form or call us at (434) 426-0134 to request a demo!

Business Intelligence

Our software works for you by offering a business intelligence service, a one-stop-shop for tracking time and attendance. This gives you real-time updates so you can see your employees as they work, allowing you to enforce rules, control cost and manage hours.

Your employees will no longer have to collect timesheets, add together total hours or subtract PTO hours and enter them into payroll – our software does it automatically and always gets it right the first time. Our software makes it nearly impossible to submit inaccurate time information.

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