What are the Benefits of Automated Time & Attendance Records?

A study from the American Payroll Association found that roughly a third of companies still use manual payroll processing. That is a lot of businesses who are at risk of falling behind their competition due to inefficient time & attendance record keeping.

If this describes the company that you own or manage, you may be on the fence about committing to automation for timekeeping.

We’ve been in the industry for a long time, all the way back to 1993. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how automated timekeeping can help businesses.

Check out our top reasons why automated T&A can help yours:

1. Creates an Efficient Work Environment

Whenever you automate an aspect of your business, the rest will get more efficient. With automated time & attendance, employees will no longer have to manually enter data and managers will be able to go through that data much more smoothly.

With all that saved time, you can focus on what’s really important: Running your business.

2. In-Depth Data and Reports

The key to being successful is to keep an eye on how things have been going so you can plan for the future and make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

In order to plan ahead well, you need as many numbers as possible. With manual time & attendance, it takes exorbitant amounts of time to gather these reports. That’s time that you could be spending on your company.

With automated time & attendance, you have access to historic data right at your fingertips, as well as comprehensive reports. These detail everything you need to make educated decisions about alterations to current plans and systems as well as decisions on future plans that you will be implementing.

3. Mobile Access

Phones are getting better and better and we can truly say that we have a computer in our pockets at all times. This means that we all have to change what we do to work within that new framework of “instant access”.

That’s where the benefit of mobile access comes in. With the right time & attendance software, you, and your employees, will have access to everything right on your mobile devices. Simplify T&A with automation.

4. GPS Timekeeping

GPS Timekeeping is a huge bonus that comes with T&A software. This uses the Global Positioning System to track employee hours and location in real time.

This comes with a host of benefits in-and-of itself, including:

  • Geofencing: Using GPS, you can create a virtual boundary. This is called a “geofence”. An example of the use for this boundary would be reminding employees to clock-in or clock-out as they enter or leave the job site.
  • Accountability: You may trust your employees, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure that they can’t clock in for their coworkers, exaggerate their hours, or any other tricks through increased accountability.
  • Coordination: If you have multiple job-sites, it can be vital to have real-time information based on location. GPS timekeeping does just that to ensure coordination.
  • Payment Accuracy: With this hyper-accurate tracking of employee hours, there is a far less possibility that a mistake will occur during the payment process.
  • More In-Depth Data: On top of the data provided from any automatic software, you will get even more with GPS timekeeping. This comprehensive information is key to making smart decisions.

GPS timekeeping is a great tool to have. It is vital to running an efficient and effective operation while minimizing wasted time.

5. Employee Self-Service

Your employees will have questions. In order to be a good manager, you have to do what you can to answer those questions before they even ask them. One way of doing this is with employee self-service.

This is another perk of having the right time & attendance software. Your employees will be able to access everything they need from personal records to accumulation of their paid time-off.

Employee self-service adds to the efficiency of the workplace. Without having to track down the information that your employees need, you will have more time to get things done.

6. Stay Compliant

Staying compliant is incredibly important for a business. There are a ton of labor laws and regulations that are constantly changing, from local to state to federal, and even within your industry.

Keeping up with these can be a pain. Trusting a time & attendance software provider means that you don’t have to go through the hassle to stay compliant. You’ll have the experts by your side and the latest tech at your fingertips to ensure that everything your company does is up to code.

7. Saves You Cost

There are a few ways that you end up saving money by switching to automated time & attendance software. The biggest two are efficiency and accuracy.

Efficiency and accuracy mean that your operation will run smoothly without any mistakes.

Without automated T&A software, you will be more prone to wasting time, which most businesses don’t have any to spare. With automated T&A, you’ll be able to focus on your business.

Final Thoughts

Too many businesses still resort to using manual timekeeping. This can be the result of wanting to save money or wanting to be able to be “in control” of how your business runs.

The truth is, a good T&A software will allow you to run more efficiently and save you money and save you from mistakes. This will allow you to focus on your profits while the experts handle your time & attendance.

Plus, there are some T&A software providers that will offer a software or service that takes care of human resources and payroll processing on top of timekeeping. With a full-service payroll provider, your business will be truly set.