About Us

G.E. Payroll Services founder Greg Sloan started G.E. Payroll Services in the early 1990s because he knew how difficult is to run a small business because he is a business owner himself.

From running day-to-day operations to managing employees, to handling administrative duties, it can be overwhelming. So, G.E. Payroll Services was born.

Greg Sloan established the company to help small business owners run their business more efficiently and more importantly, stay compliant with laws and regulations. From the beginning, Sloan worked with his mother and later his son to run the company, only bringing on an extra two employees to work with the company.

Over the years, G.E. Payroll has served a litany of clients in many different industries with different sized businesses. From veterinarians, fast food restaurants, surveying companies, auto shops and mechanics and hotels, G.E. Payroll knows how to handle clients across any industry.

G.E. Payroll offers their services in comparison to larger companies like ADP and Paychex, but what makes G.E. stand out is the personal service they offer and long-lasting relationships they have with their client base.

If you feel like larger companies can be like a revolving door with their representatives. G.E. Payroll is the opposite. G.E. has a staff of five people, ensuring that whoever you work with, they will know your name and they will stay the same for the duration of the time you use G.E.’s services.

By choosing G.E. Payroll, you are getting personal customer service and open communication. G.E. believes in putting names to faces and visits their clients in person on a regular basis.

No more waiting weeks or months to get a representative to your business for a software install or demonstration – G.E. has a turnaround time of about 10 days from first initial contact.

Our Services

  • Payroll

    From online payroll to standardized reports to tax information, our payroll management services offer end-to-end support on whichever topic you may need.

  • Human Resources

    Our services offer you all the benefits of having an HR professional on staff without having to hire one. Should your business have needs involving employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, FMLA, discrimination or other HR-related topics, we are here for you every step of the way.

  • Time and attendance

    We aim to make time tracking simple, both for you and for your employees. Our software makes managing your workforce simpler and easier, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Why GE Payroll Services

  • Helping clients since 1993
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Dedicated quick-response team
  • 10-day onboarding turnaround
  • Small business that helps small businesses
  • Updated with the latest cloud-based tech

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